New parking scheme in Headington: What is a WAP?


The above picture shows one of the White Access Protection lines (WAPs) that are a new feature of the Central Headington Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ). When the scheme comes into effect, visitors to a house whose driveway is marked in this way can park across it with impunity, provided they display a Visitor’s Parking Permit.

WAPs provide extra parking spaces in a street and seem to work when, as above, they are painted across a narrow, specific access route. Where the WAPs are longer, however, and extend across the whole paved frontage of a house, they are at present being abused by shoppers, although this should stop when the CPZ comes into effect.

Access protection marks (in the form of double yellow lines as well as WAPs) seem to be longer than they were before, with the result that many parking bays have been reduced in size. This means that many of them are too big for one car but too small for two, as can be seen in the picture below.

Tight parking

© Stephanie Jenkins


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