Graffiti in Headington


Graffiti: Headington Hill Hall bridge


Above and left The underside of the bridge that crosses the raised footpath on Headington Hill in January 2003.

City Works has now removed this graffiti, but it usually gets covered again soon afterwards, and this treatment is damaging the stonework.

The bridge is a listed structure, dating from 1877 and designed by the well-known architect William Wilkinson.

Oxford Mail, 8 September 2003:
Graffiti ‘tag’ craze costs £30k


The “Fresh” logo was depicted all over Headington: below it can be seen decorating the bus shelter near Latimer Road in April 2003

Bus shelter

More examples of the plague of graffiti currently striking Headington are shown below. The stencil of the man with the mask and paintpot encouraging people to protest about war can be seen on many bus shelters in Headington.

Graffiti: Weapon of mass destruction

Graffiti, Pullen’s Lane

Weapons of Mass Creation

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