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Marston in c.1214

Rotuli Hugonis de Welles

Merstone: Ecclesia valet xviii marcas. Vicaria consistit in omnibus obventionibus altaris et omnibus minutis decimis totius ejusdam parochie, et in decimis bladi et feni et omnibus aliis decimis provenientibus de una virgate terre in eadem villa, scilicet quam Osbert filius Hewardi tenet. Habebit etiam vicarius domos et curiam in quibus capellanus manere consuevit et valet vicaria v marcas.

Rough translation:

The Rolls of Hugo of Wells

Marston: The Church is worth 18 marks. The revenue of the vicarage consists of all income of the altar and all small tithes of the whole of the parish, and of tithes of wheat and hay and all other tithes issuing from one virgate of land in the same township, that is to say, the virgate which Osbert the son of Heward holds. The vicar will also have the house and yard in which the chaplain is accustomed to stay and the vicarage is worth 5 marks.


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