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Headington in the Domesday Book in 1086

Here is the entry for Headington from the Domesday Book of 1086:

Headington in Domesday Book

It is in Latin, and reads approximately as follows:

REX tenet HEDINTONE. Ibi st. X hidae
In dnio m. VI car.   /   XX . uitti cu , XXIIII. bord hnt . XIIII
car. Ibi . II molini de . L . solid.   /   V. piscariae de. xx . solid.
De ptis 7 pascuis. IIII. lib. De annona anni: VIII. lib.
De Helueuuecha: XXX. solid. De Circet. X sol / VI den.
De aliis consuetudinibus C. sol / XXV. den.
Duo HUND. Soca: ptin hic M. Ricard de Curci . de XVI
Int tot redd. LX lib … numeru.

Here is a translation:

The King holds HEDINTONE. 10 hides there.
Now in lordship 6 ploughs. 20 villagers with 24 smallholders have 14 ploughs.
Two mills at 50 shillings, five fisheries at 20 shillings
From the meadows and pastures £4. From the year’s corn £8.
From “half-week” 30s. From church tax 10s 6d.
From other customary dues 100s and 25d.
The Jurisdiction of two Hundreds belongs to this manor. Richard of Courcy withdraws for himself [the Jurisdiction] of 16 hides.
In total, it pays £60 [a year at] face value.


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