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Oxford Crematorium, Bayswater Road


The Oxford Crematorium and Garden of Remembrance in Bayswater Road were opened in May 1939 by the Oxford Crematorium Company. At that time the site was in Stanton St John, but it is now part of Headington.

By 1967 more than 32,000 people had been cremated there. The grounds were extended in 1968, and a second chapel was built in 1976.

Memorial plaques
One of the arcades with memorial plaques

Lord Nuffield

Memorial to Joy Davidman

Above and left: Plaques to two famous people
in Oxford Crematorium


Above: Lord Nuffield, and his wife Lizzie Maud
(with both her forenames wrongly recorded):
Pphotograph © Trevor Coppock Photography, Auckland, New Zealand


Left: Helen Joy Davidman, wife of C. S. Lewis. 
(Lewis himself was buried in Holy Trinity churchyard, Headington Quarry in 1963)

Oxford Crematorium official website

How to get there. Bayswater Road is the smaller, fifth road running off the Headington (Green Road) roundabout to the north-east. The Crematorium is marked with an arrow on this map: click the pointers at the edges to see adjoining squares and get your bearings (click south twice to get to the Headington roundabout and A40).

© Stephanie Jenkins

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