Headington Poetry
Competition 2004:
Other Children’s Entries


It was Raining Sharks in Headington…

It was raining sharks in Headington
And one got stuck in a roof
They buried Knowle in a library
But know one has any proof

The JR’s up in Headington
But where’d the senior go?
We’ve tried and tried to find him
But he just won’t seem to show

And did you know in Headington
They shot over a hill
But the bullet must have missed its heart
’Cause it’s standing up there still

Headington Hill

Half way up Headington Hill…………….
Stuck, jammed, bored,
Like I’m being sucked into a stream of thick, oozy mud,
And I’ll never escape.

Half way up Headington Hill…………….
Glancing, staring, watching the traffic lights,
Suddenly a burning, blazing red ball of fire appears,
Oh no, I slip out of my seat in despair.

Half way up Headington Hill…………….
Sleeping, yawning, blinking,
I see a glistening, tangerine light tumble towards me,
I want to sink my pearly white teeth into it.

Half way up Headington Hill…………….
Laughing, chatting, talking,
I see a huge green Cyclops looking through me,
As if I were really a ghost.

We’re moving up Headington Hill…………….

My home in Headington and my home in Japan

Tokyo and Headington are not so different.
They both have kitchens.
Mum cooks, cuts and chops and cooks.
They both have bedrooms,
Dad sleeps and snores.
They both have bathrooms.
I brush and wash and wipe.
I take off my shoes,
And in my socks I look out of the window.
Tokyo and Headington are so different.
Tokyo has electricity lines, tall buildings, talking shop boards.
In Headington I see trees and grass and flowers.

It’s Firework Time!

I walk toward the flicker of brightness
In Headington park.
Warm and cosy by the crackling bonfire,
My eyes pop open.
Swoosh, fizz, pop,
I can’t get those noises out of my head, I feel a bit woozy.
My mind tells me to scream,
But I keep quiet.
Then through the smoke I see
A ghostly figure setting off the last firework.
It’s like a missile going up.
Falling over Iraq and all those children sleeping through
Don’t worry it’s just dark Headington park.

“Snowball Fight”

Fresh snow in the playground, three inches deep and still falling.
We rush from our desks jumping with joy.
Too impatient to put our coats on,
Too eager to tuck our chairs in,
Too excited to put our books away.
But then the duty teacher calls us back.
Coats, hats, gloves on double-quick, at last we escape,
Running into the snow with cheery smiles.
“Snowball Fight”, someone screams.
Dodging, ducking as snowballs fly.
Nobody gets me but then,
I slip.

The Headington Road

A blue glistening shark that twinkles in the moonlight.
The wet old street that chips when you take a heavy step.
Houses once the colour of hazelnuts, now splattered with muddy brown.
Old cars rusting patiently, day by day.
Creaky doors so stiff they go screech, slam, then whoosh.
Haunted dark hallways webbed with glowing thread.
Wooden scratched floors coated in tiny insect holes.

Headington Park

Snowdrops pierce the cold winter snow,
Desperately trying to free themselves from the frozen ground.
Crocuses of blues, mauves and yellow thickly carpet the winter ground,
Gleaming crystal-coloured snow stretches across a vast stretch of land.
Then a murky brown colour forms as a human’s footsteps track across it.

Gleaming yellow daffodils signal the onset of spring,
The park comes to life
Birdsong fills the air
The pale white handkerchief tree waves its hanging blooms.

Now the park is filled with laughter and song
As crowds come to enjoy the Shakespearean plays
Lights sparkle amongst the leafy trees
She will change her face now it’s autumn.

The breeze swiftly scatters the fragile leaves upon the dewy grass
Until they litter the ground
Jewelled colours of golds, ambers russet reds and browns crunch underfoot
This is the time the park goes to sleep along with the squirrels and hedgehogs
She will come alive again soon.

Headington Fireworks at the Park

The fireworks in the park crackle like my Rice Krispies
I stand by my window watching the bombs bloom
All night I watch the rainbow reflecting over the park
I waltzed to the park and a black crispy bit of paper falls before me
All the colours of the fireworks drift and swirl for a few
moments and then shower to the ground.

The Shopping Spree of a Life-time

One CD of the blues £5.90
A pair of blue running shoes £12.00
A whistle and flute £74.50
A wedding suit £50.75
Onions, carrots and green beans £3.40
Potatoes, tomatoes, and lots of greens £3.50
A very shiny iron bed £64.00
Rabbit, beef, chicken (they’re all dead) £10.99
Earrings, paper and some pens £7.30
Two Barbie dolls and some Kens
Six bottles of wine £15.99
Parsley, rosemary, and some thyme £4.99


Headington Roundabout

Around, around, dizzy and sick,
Around, around, we’re moving so quick,
Minis from Cowley rushing past,
In all different colours and all different cars,
Around, around, dizzy and sick,
Around, around, we’re moving so quick,
Suddenly a siren wakes us all up,
“Quickly everyone get out of the way,
For the life-saving van to come and save.”
Around, around, dizzy and sick,
The big yellow ’M’ towering the sky,
Makes some people look and some people sigh,
Around, around, dizzy and sick,
Around, around, we’re moving so quick.

Bury Knowle

Bury Knowle is a great place
It’s so much fun, there’s no time to waste.
Next time you go, run, run, and run
And have lots of fun.

People all play on the climbing frame,
The children who play on the climbing frame
Go home aAll muddy but then are very tired.

Rush hour 1

Beeping horns and sounding traffic,
It’s the rush hour,
Lights turn green and cars race forward,
All wanting to go home,
They jump to red and the cars all stop,
With a lot of groaning,
Finally it is my turn,
Now go home and return in the morning!

A Day in Headington

Cars whizzing, drinks fizzing,
People walking, pigeons stalking,
Breakfast frying, babies crying,
Mums waving, dads shaving,
Coffees frothing, cleaners mopping,
Toddlers drinking, pupils thinking,
Dogs barking, vans parking,
Pencils writing, blackbirds fighting,
TVs buzzing, radios fuzzing,
Rains comes, angry mums,
Washing wet, muddy pet,
Dinners made, clouds fade,
The sun goes down,
In Headington town.

The JR Hospital

The JR (a hospital)
Helps the lives of many people,
Although they may be beyond repair,
The John Radcliffe really does care.

The John Radcliffe wants a children’s centre,
Where they can have fun, and get much better,
It’s one of the biggest hospitals around,
Children cry, and make a big sound.

Now to bring this rhyme to an end,
The John Radcliffe’s a real Godsend,
It’s time to say goodbye for now,
I hope you don’t get harmed as well!

Headington is Fun

Busy, bustling, bursting
Headington, with happy Headington School,
With friendly, jolly rushing,
And a spacious Headington theatre too!
A busy park for enjoyment and care,
A mural subway of colour and fun,
The park with whizzing children everywhere,
Football pitches, drawings of shops and suns.
A famous John Radcliffe hospital,
A place to be, with a hurt leg, arm or knee.
Rushing cars, bicycles, and walking people,
People rushing like busy bees!
Headington is fun, relaxing, and cool,
I am sure you’ll agree too!

All about Headington

Busy, bustling, shops and nightclubs,
Picnics in the park, and drinks in the pubs,
Growing and changing all the time,
The new JR, so spacious and fine!
Roadworks aren’t so happy though,
But with new Oxford buses,
The one place to go:


H eadington is the sort of place that hurries by,
E ndless nights of parties and clubs,
A nd if you want a relaxing time why dont you go punting?
D azzling parties and daring places,
I n Headington there are plenty of shops and stores,
N o one would leave Headington empty-handed,
G oing would be a real treat,
T eenagers will never get bored,
O n the roads they have subways so you won’t get hurt,
N icole, who is one of the local residents, says Headington is so cool!

Excited Headington

Excited Headington bubbling over,
Waiting for Party in the Park.
Others looking at the shark,
Overwhelmed by the gigantic art.
That’s Headington!
Rushing in the morning, everybody yawning.
Cars are hooting, jobs recruiting.
Rushing in the morning.
Traffic lights are always red,
Everyone wishing they’re in bed.
Queues are growing, when it’s snowing,
Traffic lights are always red.

Headington poem

Strolling up the pavement
People greet those they know,
Spying cars as they go.
Row of businesses makes their money,
Maze of streets surrounding.
Industrious buildings
And a library with grounds are a prize to the suburb.

Educated, cheerful pupils, dressed in blue uniforms,
Pass politely on the pavements, stopping for passers-by.
Every Sunday the church bustles with people,
Meeting those they don’t know.

Never ever stopping Headington

H appy people,
E verything’s so friendly but lively,
A nyone can see it’s so bright and funny,
D ancing at night,
I n and out people go all day,
N ight life buzzing,
G olden sunshine and blue rivers,
T he brilliant, great, fantastic,
O ne in a million,
N ever ever stopping, HEADINGTON!

No one dislikes Headington

H ealth centres with people rushing around,
E ndless parties making loud sounds,
A nd friendly people in the school,
D ads relaxing in the swimming pool,
I njured people going to the JR hospital,
N o unhappy faces from the town people,
G oing for a walk you can hear the cars go screech,
T en buses driving along the street,
O pen shops you can visit too,
N o one dislikes Headington I can assure you!

Why you should visit Headington

In Oxford is a suburb, Headington by name,
Work, hospitals with fame,
The shark house is so well known,
Hundreds of people, hundreds of homes!
McDonalds, Co-op, loads of shops,
And a park with parties of non-stop pop!

There is also a very big school,
Junior and Senior: with a pool!
Traffic, cars in the morning
A library, hospital, it can never get boring!

The JR, a hospital, treats all kinds of people,
It’s a very big hospital, so it never gets full,
It’s growing, growing, with a very new building,
So if you’re hurt or ill, go, they can treat anything!

You can get to work, and also get fit
So that is why you should visit….

What do I think of Headington?

What do I think of Headington?
Hurrying people with their smart suits on, scurrying along.
What do I think of Headington?
A warm and friendly place, which helps you on the way!
What do I think of Headington?
Students rushing around being late for classes!
What do I think of Headington?
Something to eat: McDonalds and fish and chips.
What do I think of Headington?
People rushing coming to the JR hospital, which has great fame,
Dentist and all kinds of things to wish you well on your way.

Bustling Headington

The bubbly, busy bustling Headington,
With wild, wacky, wizzy, shops,
The traffic is just screaming mad,
And the people more than half as bad,
Having picnics in the park,
Charging through the maze-like streets,
If you’ve hurt yourself in any way,
Then the JR is where you should be,
And there’s that well-known school,
And the theatre is a good one too,
If shopping is your sport,
Then this is the place to be!

Headington’s Cool

Headington is so alive,
A bit like a hectic beehive,
Searching all the maze-like streets,
Hearing all of the car wheels go screech.
The JR is the place to be,
If you hurt your leg, arm, or knee.
Having picnics in the park,
Dreaming of the nightlife when it’s dark.
Shopping, shopping is what you do,
And queuing is something else too,
It’s even got a well-known school,
That’s why Headington’s so cool.

Funky Headington

H appy, people in the school,
E ndless, parties in the night,
A ctive, rushing here and there,
D etective, children looking for clues,
I nvestigating, new books from the library,
N o, do your homework don’t watch TV!
G o to the cinema if you like,
T ons of people everywhere,
O pen shops you can visit as well,
N obody dislikes Headington because it is so Funky!

Headington on the Go

Quite people, quiet library, sitting in the sun,
They’re all happy people having lots of fun.
Headington traffic, Headington people,
The traffic beeping, disturbing all the peace.
Summer picnics, summer people,
The beautiful summer breeze.
There’s hundreds of people, there’s hundreds of houses.
They’re all whizzing and whizzing around.
In a panic as they go,
Panic here, panic there,
They’re rushing everywhere.
They have gone here, they have gone there,
There’s no stopping them, they’re on the go!

Headington Acrostic

H uge Hospitals,
E xcellent Schools,
A mazing Nightlife,
D eafening Traffic,
I nteresting Activities,
N on-stop Happiness,
G reat Shops,
T here’s a new Co-op,
O f course there’s a library,
N early everything’s there

In Headington!

Mother Christmas

Mother Christmas, the beautiful lady
Does all the work, What a lady!
Forget Father Christmas.
The fat old slug
Delivers presents.
Not much of a job!
While Mother Christmas
Does all the wrapping,
Never napping!
So down with Father Christmas!
Hail to Mother Christmas!
After all,
She is a busy lady.

Just Lovely Headington True

Headington just means Simply the best:

H istoric
E legancy
A rtistic
D elightful
I nspiring
N ice
G orgeous
T antalizing
O ngoing
N ever-ending

The above sums up Headington’s true beauty,
Buzzingly busy, lively, vibrant, bubbly, overflowing,
With lots to do and most definitely see,
I’m proud and honoured, true,
Because living in Headington
Makes me delightfully happy
Most definitely, without doubt to me,
I’m glad to write and do this poem
For you, just lovely Headington true.

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