Headington Poetry Competition 2002:
Children’s entries 2


Children’s entries 2: Magic




Many people think witches are evil
That we curse everyone and worship the devil.
Wiccas believe in the old religion
That doesn’t make us evil because we’re not christian.

Most are good and have firm beliefs,
Some take the form of a house or a leaf,
A few have the power to see the future
And about 50% believe in nature.

Halloween is our new year,
We celebrate with festival cheer,
We cast spells and wish for luck,
Ask for strength if we are stuck.

Wiccas seek to find the truth,
So if you find you have a witch under your roof
Don’t judge them or run away
Unless you want to wake up dead the next day.

Elly Jeffery (aged 13)


Night Patrol

With a long flowing cloak
Blacker than night,
The wizard stands tall
And ready for flight.

Casting a spell
As stars shimmer high,
Casting a spell
As the bats fly by.

Along Windmill Road
And beyond, to the Slade,
The wizard patrols
Until the stars start to fade.

Then as day dawns,
There sits a black cat.
Nothing around him,
Except a tall hat.

Jennie Chandler, age 10


The Potion

Mix the cauldron round and round,
Hear its gloopy bloopy sound.

Frog’s eyes mixed with Dragon’s tongues,
Monkey’s tails and Monster’s gums,
Add a touch of Water nymph’s hair,
And magic tingles in the air.

Mix the cauldron round and round,
Hear its gloopy bloopy sound.

The potion bangs, and turns bright green,
Never before has this been seen.
The potion bubbles and smoke rises,
This potion is full of surprises.

Mix the cauldron round and round,
Hear its gloopy bloopy sound.

“Wow,” gasps the increasing crowd
As it rumbles really loud,
And with a burble and a splat
It explodes on the brand-new mat.

Lizzie Berg, age 11


If I were a wizard, a witch or a hag….

If I were a wizard, a witch or a hag
I’d carry my spells in a big plastic bag.
I’d carry them with me wherever I went,
Some of them sparkle and some of them have a sweet scent.
Some of them are deadly and some of them stink,
They come in many hues, but mainly in pink.

If I were a wizard, a witch or a hag,
An owl on my shoulder, a rat playing tag,
I’d let him win sometimes but most days would not,
As we go and hunt things to put in the pot.
The owl’d be called Snowy, all shiny and clean,
And in the bright moonlight he would sit and preen.

If I were a wizard, a witch or a hag,
I wouldn’t be found reading just any old mag.
I’d only read the one called Betty the Witch,
All of the others I would throw into a ditch.
I’d flick through the pages and learn the top tips,
While munching my way through a bowl full of chips.

If I were a wizard, a witch or a hag,
I would never ever about my hat brag.
I’d never take it off, not even at night,
It would be purple with spots and very bright.
It would be wide-brimmed and comfy, jaunty too,
It would match my pair of very spotty shoes.

But I’m not a wizard, a witch or a hag,
And don’t have any spells to carry in bags.
I read magazines but not Betty the Witch,
And certainly wouldn’t throw them in a ditch.
I don’t have a hat that is purple with spots,
But I’d really love to have one lots and lots.

Victoria Poulton, age 10

The Essentials in a Witch’s Pocket

These are the things you’re most likely
to find in a Witch’s pocket:
A laser lipstick
Invisible blush powder,
Black Cat’s brand of wart remover,
The Essential Witches’ Spell Guide,
A compact wand,
A miniature cauldron,
Several potion bottles,
A spare hat,
And a broomstick
(And I don’t think much else will fit in!!!!)

Charlotte Collard (age 10)

The Messy Spell

My spells you might say
Don’t go my way.
They look a bit off
And make you cough.

The colours are bright,
And shine all night.
The sparks how they fly,
Up in the sky.

There was this one spell
That didn’t go well.
A sister of mine
Turned into slime.

Here’s how it went
Cazam ajent,
A bing and a mime,
Turn back the time.

My words were all mixed,
It couldn’t be fixed.
For now and all time,
She would be slime.

My sister’s gone goo,
I’m in a stew.
My mum will go mad,
Because I’m so bad.

My spells are all sticky, tricky, icky, yucky, mucky, and messy,
but all I have to do is turn back time and try again
and again and again and again and again….

Jessica Matthews (age 10)

When I bat my witchy eyes

My glistening emerald eyes
Are ovals of power.
With a bat of my eyes,
I can do anything.

With a bat of my eyes,
And a witchy wink,
I can make slimy slugs
Fill up the sink.

My glistening emerald eyes
Are ovals of power.
With a bat of my eyes,
I can do anything.

With my magical eyes,
I welcome thunderstorms and fogs,
Floods and earthquakes,
And make it rain cats and dogs.

My glistening emerald eyes
Are ovals of power.
With a bat of my eyes,
I can do anything.

When I blink my powerful eyes,
I will not fail
To make my teacher grow
Long whiskers and a tail.

My glistening emerald eyes
Are ovals of power.
With a bat of my eyes,
I can do anything.

With only a wink
I can make people itch,
Or at least I would,
If I were a witch.

Jessica Wildman (age 10)

The Wizard

The wizard sits
Behind barred doors
In the very heart of the night
To cast his spells
With frogs’ legs and newts’ tails,
With a swish of his wand
The spell is complete.

The wizard stirs
His poisonous potion
Until it bubbles madly.
Then he sprinkles magic essence
Into the mouth of the fire.
Two gleaming eyes stare back at him
As on his knees he falls.He takes a sip
Of magic wine
And murmurs under his breath
Unearthly hell, a magic spell,
As the flames rise even higher.
But all the time as I linger
At the thought of the ancient tale
His murdering eyes are gazing into mine!

Anna Brooke-Hollidge (age 10)

Mystical Magic at Hogwarts

Mystical magic envelops the walls of stone.
The magical air dances like flames licking at the windows.
The rooms are empty of human life, but alive with bewitching charm.
Corridors, like curious pythons, wind their way back and forth.
Enquiring eyes meddle with your thoughts and confuse your mind.
Classrooms, devoid of laughter, feeble quills lie motionless and abandoned.
Dormitories heave with the peaceful breath of sleeping students.
Dreams sail tranquilly, drifting in and out of the restful minds.

Outside the winds wail triumphantly and werewolves cry for freedom.
Trees sway heroically, while gusts lap at the quidditch goalposts tickling their very being.
Night-time beasts creep majestically through the beams of moonlight.
Owls soar through the night sky, screeching out their presence.
Far beyond the castle the sun lifts its weary head,
Rising steadily it runs the night-time spirits into enchanting light.

A new day dawns at Hogwarts!

Alice Vaughan-Fowler (age 11)

A Wizard’s Poem to make Headington Autumn

I went to a shadowy spooky house and saw
An old man at a cauldron.
The words I saw:

Potion for Autumn in Headington
What you need:
Juices from a conker’s shell,
Paints yellow, orange, gold, and brown,
A drop of blue sky,
An old autumn leaf from Headington,
A taste from winter, summer, and spring
— all crushed up —
Lavender smell,
Coloured shades on a paint pallet

Put ingredients together and stir,
Then pick a leaf,
Spread some potion on it,
Sew it on a branch in Headington and say:
“Go autumn, go fly, go fly everywhere.”

Just then the old man got up
And went to get a leaf
From his dying plant in the corner.
He spread a handful on his leaf,
He opened the door on his right
To a warm and hot summer’s day in Headington.
He put the leaf on a green tree and said:
“Go autumn, go fly, go fly everywhere.”
Then autumn blew everywhere.
I could see, smell, hear, feel and even taste autumn.
It is autumn.

Helena Jennison (age 10)

Wizard Spells!

Witches cast spells.
Indigo liquid in the cauldron,
Zings and bangs from the wands,
A cat prowling at the broomstick,
Round and round the witches dance.
Deepest cellar underground where the potions are kept,
Sizzling from the cauldron,
Popping and gushing over the edge:
Eels go in with eyeballs,
Leopard’s skin and lion’s too,
Lionfish skin and blood,
Spit from a camel. Then it’s done.

Catherine Hornby (aged 8)

Twelve things found in a witch’s pocket

A pop-up cauldron with stars on it,
A bottle of frogs all covered with unicorn hair,
A hideous beast that smells of a swamp of slime,
A ghastly animal that nobody has heard of,
A huge and mouldy tray of sweets,
Enchantments that nobody has ever seen before,
An old spell book which is covered in blood,
A dead spider with some gruesome sticking-out eyes,
A child’s cage which is spooky and bent,
A cat which is black as night,
The most horrifying things that I am not going to tell you.

Frances Currie (age 8)

Sixteen things found in a witch’s pocket

A wand with unicorn hair,
A baby dragon which is really scaly,
Some magical mysterious sweets,
A key to her poison shed,
A messenger bat,
Some poisonous fix-on claws,
A black, first-class poisonous wig,
An invisibility cloak,
A broomstick which can ride through things,
Some black, magic gloves,
A slimy toad,
A pair of spider’s web boots which fly,
A crooked witch’s hat,
Some slimy slime,
Some poisonous Turkish Delight.

Anna Lapwood (age 7)

Twelve things found in a witch’s pocket

A ping-pong cauldron that smells of toads
A magical wand with a star and moon on
A smelly black cat with wings as dark as poison,
A black and rusty child’s trap with bones in,
A magical sweet with pepper in
A black cat with whiskers as sharp as needles,
A bucket of keys that have never been used,
A brown and spiky broomstick,
A black and white spider’s web,
A bucket of skeleton bones that are rotten,
A glass of dragon’s blood,
A black wig with curls.

Aisha Bearn (age 7)

Ten things found in a witch’s pocket

A dark cold night,
A miniature spell book,
A bill from the potion shop,
An invitation to the Witches’ Ball,
Black nail varnish and lipstick,
A unicorn’s horn,
A love letter from Dracula written in blood,
A cauldron with a bubbling potion inside,
A flying licence for a witch’s broom,
And a bucket full of dragons’ hearts and lizards’ gizzards.

Evie Cullingworth (age 8)

On Halloween Night

Green lizards’ tails and scaly wings,
Dragon’s blood and other things.
On Halloween night the midnight time,
Your shoes fill up with grit and grime.

Children watch the fireworks,
Whilst witches stand dressed up as Turks.
Halloween’s a scary time,
Your shoes fill up with grit and grime.

Why don’t you go ’n see for yourself?
But beware, you need a lot of stealth!
Children cry in cots and beds – don’t look around,
Duck your heads!
Halloween’s a scary time,
Your shoes fill up with grit and grime.

Grown-ups say, “What a load of old nonsense”,
Whilst children sit and wiggle their tonsils.
Halloween’s a scary time,
Your shoes fill up with grit and grime.

Libby Williamson (age 8)

Dark Night

She walks along the church path,
She dare not enter,
Her evil is too strong.
Her cloak follows behind her,
Her cat in her big cloak pocket
Along with strange ingredients for the meeting.

Her cloak makes her invisible within the midnight blackness,
She looks at the church clock,
The shimmering light of the full moon reflects off it and makes it look gold:
It is nearly time.

She is there.
All witches look at her.
A witch is never late, she says, in a de

Into the cauldron go dog’s tongue, newt’s tail,
A bird’s blood (with the head separated),
A child’s scream, an adult’s cry,
A wolf’s howl, with a cat’s screech.
Now the spell is complete.

Isobel Howe (age 10)

A Witch

A magic maker
A wand shaker
A castle dweller
A spell caster
A broomstick flyer
A star glider
A potion brewer
An evil plotter
A star gazer
A transfiguration genius

Amy Banning (age 10)

Harry Potter Kenning

Dark hair, green eyes,
A lightning scar, to show of his past,
Given to him by a deadly enemy,
King of evil,
Voldermort by name.

Owl called Hedwig,
Snowy white,
Student at Hogwarts
School of Magic and Mystery.

Ron and Hermione,
Best friends of Harry’s,
Mischief Makers,
Wand Wavers,
On the side of good.

Chloe Wenman (age 10)

Wizards and Witches

Wizards and witches, gnomes too,
From their cave sparks fly out of the cauldron of doom,
Altogether they chant by the light of the moon,
Abracadabra, Alakazoom!

By morning they’re gone by the dawn of the sun,
But later that evening who knows if they’ll come,
Just the thought of them’s creepy, but what are we do to?
For whoever goes in is waiting doom!

Nobody knows what’s to be said of them,
Like creepy-crawlies or nimble cats,
They’re invisible and silent as they tiptoe through the night,
Then dancing with the stars in the mystery moonlight!

Rebecca Peet (age 10)

Harry Potter

The Philosopher’s Stone,
A magic stone that gives one eternal life….
The Chamber of Secrets,
A secret Chamber in the school,
A monster drags his victims to their fate….
The Prisoner of Azkaban,
Someone has escaped from Azkaban!
The Triwizard Tournament,
A series of terrifying and dangerous tasks….
Hurry up J.K. Rowling, we want more books!

Lauren Neal (age 10)

Harry Potter The Choice

Let’s read a Harry Potter book,
But number 1, 2, 3, or 4?
I can read them all on my bed,
I can read them all on the floor!

They all enchant me completely!
I just simply cannot decide!
1, 2, 3, or 4?!?
Or maybe … 5?

I think it has come out,
But I cannot be sure,
I’m going to the bookshop,
I’m opening the door….

J.K. Rowling’s the best!!!
I can read this one in my underwear!
If I can read it, it’s the best!!!

Jessica Harris (age 10)

Another World

Sparkling wands with shooting stars,
Flying broomsticks replace our cars.
Coloured smoke drifts in a cloud,
Mortals watch it in a crowd.
Bubbling pots with a nasty brew,
Sizzling away – it sticks like glue!
Eye of newt and bucket of snails,
Wing of bat and puppy-dog tails.
Swirling cloaks and pointed hats,
Accompanied by scrawny cats.
Feathered owls float on by,
Swooping down with screeching cry.
These witches and wizards working away,
They do not cease either night or day.
Lots of noise, fizzing and popping,
This magical world, there is no stopping.

Lucy Huggett (age 10)

Evil Night

Wizards and Witches cackling,
Brewing, bewitching, and making spells,
Stirring a cauldron with bright green liquid,
A cauldron full of harmful spells,
With Frog’s toes and Bee’s knees,
With Tadpoles, Newts and Ants too,
Mixing it nicely, round and round,
Stirring it into the boiling stew,
Horrible cackles and hisses unveil
A terrible sound in the darkness of the night,
Where all this EVIL belongs;
It will all disappear at first light,
When the first light comes,
All the Witches and Wizards take flight,
After the Night of EVIL,
Gone to damage somebody or something’s life.
Who will be their next victim?

Chloe Main (age 10)


By the flickering light of a candle,
She chants a spell.
The moon’s silvery glare
Shows the concentration in her eyes.
She stares up at the blanket of stars,
Echoing the last words.

Her voice rings across the field,
Her eyes stare, stare at something,
Visible to no one but her.
An owl hoots, she jumps;
The next second, she clicks her fingers:
The owl falls and hops, transformed into a frog.

She cackles and rides off,
Watching the owl trying to adapt to his legs;
Her black cat starts a low rumbling growl.
It is the end of the night,
Soon it will be day,
When the witch will then hide away.

Eve Kaye (age 10)

A Witch is in the House

A witch is in the house,
I heard ….

A cackle in the pantry,
A croak in the cellar,
Footsteps in the passage,
And a creak from the attic upstairs.

A witch is in the house,
I have seen …

A pointed hat in the bedroom,
A cauldron in the kitchen,
I found potions in the bathroom,
And a snake in the sink.


A witch is in my house.

Katie Brown (age 10)


A Witch!!!!!!!!
HA, HA, HA, HA , HA, HA, HA!!!!!

Rosie Caldecott (age 11)

Witches and their Spells

Witches wake up at 11,
Get on their black coats and hats.

They get out their wands and cauldrons,
Not forgetting their spell book.

They cast a few spells,
They go out at 12.

All children in bed,
Make no sound at all.

On their broomsticks,
Witches fly.

They all have cats,
As black as soot.

Their bats fly ahead
In the dark sky.

They go home at 1,
To bed at 1:30.

They are getting very tired,
Very tired, very ….

Victoria Jarrett (age 10)

Guess Who?

An owl owner
An awesome flyer
A quidditch player
A Gryffindor seeker

A wand owner
A spell caster
A potion brewer
A magical explorer

Natalie Mitchell (age 10)

Wizards and Spells

A pinch of frogs’ guts,
A sprinkle of nose hairs,
A scrape from scabby cuts,
A bucket of eyeballs in pairs.

A cupful of oozing spots,
A handful of dogs’ tails,
A skinful of Dalmatian dots,
A spoonful of witches’ nails.

A pocketful of bats’ wings,
A jugful of rats’ eyes,
A tinful of wizards’ things,
A nestful of buzzing flies.

Abbie Stevens (age 10)

Some People are Trying to Study!!!

Be quiet!
Be quiet, some people are trying to study!
Alo Amo-
I need to learn these spells for Brookes University y’know!
Hocus Poc-
Wingardiam Levi-
Peace at last!!!

Lauren Price (age 11)

Wizards and Spells

Here comes a wizard
With his enormous spell book
He gets his cauldron.

Bubbles appear
From the hot burning liquid
Awful smells rise up.

The ingredients
Can be very poisonous.
Beware, never touch!!

Emma Barrett (age 10)

The perfect potion

Take ze bat, with a fluffy nose,
Den, cut off thee fluffy toes.
Blend it together vith a fury tree,
Den eats it all up, none for you, just for ve.
Den puts it in de cauldron for an hour or five,
Den veveal ye mixture, thee will be amazed!
It’s brown and black, ze double-glazed.
Eat it up, den vomit it out,
Down vit goes the waterspout.

Felicity Warner (age 10)

Wanted! Wanted!

Wanted – a flying broomstick,
It must love black cats,
Needs a hard thick seat
So you are comfortable to fly through the night,
And must be quick through skies.
Wanted – human-killing broomstick,
It must have a sharp point at the end,
It must be unbreakable,
It must listen to MY command,
And must kill animals if I need a snack.
Wanted – a blood-dripping broomstick,
Must turn quickly.
It must stand up with honour so I can show off,
That’s the type of broomstick I want.
Wanted! Wanted!

Emily Read (age 9)


Wands wave
Cauldrons bubble,
Frogs appear,
Rabbits vanish,
Cackles of laughter,
Owls screech,
Recipes read,
Mysterious noises,
Midnight strikes,
All goes quiet,
Black cats run
To their masters,
Leaves rustle,
Then silence.

Elsa Meagher (age 10)

Going to the Cinema

Going to the cinema
In my mum’s sports car,
Getting some great big sweets,
Going in, finding seats.
The music starts to ting,
Harry Potter’s coming in,
Hermione standing by his side,
Malfoy sniggering with every stride.
Ron quickly makes him quiet,
Malfoy starts to make a riot.
“I’m going home now,”
What a good film. Wow!

Lucy Bibbings (age 10)

Who am I?

The crowds are gathered round the pitch,
It’s championship day once more,
The flags are flying, the pendants wave,
It’s Slytherin v. Gryffindor.

The box is centred in the pitch,
The lid is opened wide,
And lots of faces peer down at me,
With Madam Hooch at my side.

The whistle blows to start the game,
I shoot into the sky,
Boys on broomsticks whizzing past,
I quickly zoom up high.

I guess you’re wondering who I am?
I’m the King of Quidditch,
Have you guessed yet? Well,
I’m the snitch!

Katie Collett (age 10)

The Wonders of Witches

Broomsticks, cauldrons, and magic wands,
All the wonders of witches,
The crooked nose and big black wart,
All the wonders of witches.
Ebony cat with piercing eyes,
All the wonders of witches,
But how do witches live?
They live in dark gloomy caves,
They live in flats and apartments,
Houses and other compartments.
Do you know enough about a witch now?
“No.” All right then …
But how do the witches who go round and round and about hide themselves?
They wear wigs coloured brown and blonde,
Dresses beautiful and long.

Georgia Humphreys (age 8)

Wizards and Witches

Always evil, never good,
They don’t behave like they should.
Flying on broomsticks and casting spells,
Taking bits of the body, including cells.
Green hair and a pointy nose,
Black cats who love to pose,
Always pointy hats,
With mice and rats.
Always evil, never good,
They don’t behave like they should!

Flora Cooper Maddocks (age 10)


I walk into a little wood,
Then find…
A potion simmering gently,
Rippling through the soft breeze,
Bubbling lightly under the trees,
Gurgling now and then,
Frothing quite suddenly,
Curling higher and higher,
Going crazy whilst you watch,
Twirling and spinning,
Going berserk,
Crazy, mad, insane.
I don’t like it,
Better take cover….

Lucy Green, age 10

Englebert the First

Once there was a naughty wizard
Called Englebert the First.
He was always doing silly things,
So people called him Englebert the Worst.

He was always playing tricks on people
And once he turned the teacher green,
Then he switched off all the lights
And made every pupil scream.

Everybody did their best
To keep away from Englebert,
But he was always lurking
Round each corner,
And once at a swimming lesson
Locked the door of the sauna.

So be careful when you turn around
Because Englebert could appear.

Ellie Hammond (age 10)

The Bubbling Cauldron

Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble,
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.…

Well, enough of that!
Here’s a spell for the new millennium!

Newt’s tail, cow’s horn,
Let it bake until it’s good,
Business man in a pin-stripe suit,
With a dog’s paw floating in the soup.

Pus-infected finger and mouldy toes,
Watch them flake and explode!

Rubble, trouble, spoil and shovel,
Fires burn and potion bubble.

Eleanor Kay (age 9)

A Witch’s spell

Frog’s legs,
Snail’s slime,
Bat’s wings
Lots of time.

Spider’s web
Cat’s tail,
Crab’s claw,
Fin of whale.

Crocodile teeth,
Tail of rat,
Now our spell’s done,
And that’s that.

Katharine Ware (age 10)


A pinch of this, a zap of that,
Maybe even a lofty hat.
Here you are, a wand just for you,
Now run off, you have magic to do!
You’ll live for years and years,
Hey, get rid of all your fears!

Spiders, rats, and cats
Are nowhere near as bad as bats!
Spells are good and cool,
Yet don’t forget you’re still a fool.

Bits and bobs,
Strange doorknobs,
Make a great spell,
Get ready to yell;
A pair of ears,
Some girlie fears,
A bat’s eye,
An Italian tie.

That together makes

Charlotte Davies (age 10)

A Spell

Eye of newt,
Not so cute;
Tail of snake,
You’ll find it in a lake;
The blood of a cat
And maybe a bat,
Then stir as hard as you can,
Then put it in a pan
And leave it in the cooker
If you are a great looker
Then don’t drink this potion
I wouldn’t use this lotion
This potion
Makes you go green.

Lily Moorman Dodd (age 8)

Headington Magic

At Headington where magic shines
Like glitter on a cloud,
Where witches lurk,
Brewing their magic spells.

“Eye of newt, foot of frog,”
The witches cackle the spell,
With black cats prowling around,
While the potion sizzles away.

DING, it’s one o’clock,
The witches begin to dance.
They’ve done a wicked deed
And now
There are no more people,
They’ve been wiped out

Fiona Barker (age 10)


Magic world, full of spells,
Puffs and puffs and mysterious smells!
Witches and wizards turning things into lizards!

The secret world with boys and girls
That are different, not weird!

They know us, we suspect them,
They do things like put men dead hem!

To us it may be weird I know
But to them a normal day going with the flow.

Sorcerers and sorceresses,
Witches and wizards,
They do not confess,
Turning things into lizards and blizzards.

Jessie Moorman Dodd (age 10)

The Wonderful World of Wonderous Wizards

Wizards and spells make all sorts of hells,
Out of them springs most terrible things,
Things that go wrong, and things that just pong.

Wizards make wobbles, and wobbles are wrong,
Wobbles in air, and wobbles in song,
Wobbles cause troubles that go on and on!

Catastrophes big and catastrophes small,
Spells that go wrong for nothing at all,
Spells that just plaster rude things on the wall!

Wizards hide wands in the folds of their sleeves,
Concealing those wands from obvious thieves,
And nastier worlds their terror achieves!

So leave wizards alone and be on your guard.
If pretty and funny you might find this hard,
So give them a chance and make them a card.

Diana Newman (age 10)

Mystical Wizard

Wizards often use spells
To help them with their work,
When teachers are misbehaving
And scribbling on the walls.

Wizards often use spells
To make mistresses
On the blackboard write,
“I am a silly girl.”

Wizards often use spells
To turn workbooks into frogs
And maths sums
Into trampolines.

Wizards often use spells
To help them turn
The teachers’ spaghetti
Into slimy worms.

Wizards often use spells
To make your homework
Done and dusted.

Victoria Cox, age 10


Magic, Magic in the air,
Magic, Magic everywhere,
Wizards, witches all around,
Cauldrons bubbling on the ground.
Eyes of cold white spooky ghosts,
Entering witches at the castle moats,
Quidditch brooms flying high,
Snowy white owls in the sky.
The patched and frayed Sorting Hat,
At the Halloween feast the hovering bats,
That ugly troll that entered that night
Gave the children an awful fright,
And went they did to detention at dawn
To find an injured Unicorn,
But unfortunately the Unicorn was dead,
A surprise was waiting for them in Hagrid’s stone den,
For Norbert was waiting inside for them,
They found a locked door,
And screamed at what they saw:
Inside was a three-headed dog that was tall,
On top of a trapdoor in which they did fall,
On the floor was a mass of Devil’s snare,
Hermione shouted Lumosholem into the air,
Through doors with challenges,
With burns and singes,
Finally he came to the last door,
Then fell on the floor,
And Voldermort spirited away,
And maybe we will see him another day.

Sophie Goldthorpe, age 10

Magdella the Witch

Far away in a gloomy wood
Outside a cave, Magdella stood.
(She, by the way, is an ugly hag
And not the type seen in a mag.)
On dead bodies she’s been thriving;
Her hair’s made of snakes all writhing.

Her nails: long, brown, and curly too,
The clippings go into her stew.
And you may think I’m being a clown,
But she makes children wolf this down.
Her eyes glow red like a flame,
Blood-shot, proving she’s insane.

No familiar – she killed her cat!
Upon her head a cobwebbed hat,
Clad in a filthy dress
And slimy shoes, I should guess.

For breakfast she has ’Eyeball Gloop’,
Lunch’s menu’s ’Tadpole Soup’,
And all she ever wants for dinner
Are naughty boys, left to simmer.
Her bewitched garden gnomes
Like to feast upon the bones.

The spirit roams of her dead cat,
There’s a skeleton in her cupboard – FANCY THAT!

For even though
This woman causes such great woe,
There is something I will share:
For in her cave (should you go there),
You will see upon the bed,
Resting his ancient old head,
Oh yes, I do declare –
Magdella keeps her teddy bear!

Lauren Pigott (age 10)

A Spell to Turn Your Teacher into a Bat

· 9lb of spiders
· 5 pints of fresh cowpats
· 50 bags of lizards’ gizzards
· 7 tablespoons of rat poison
· 70 teaspoons of horse droppings
· 6oz squashed flies
· Rat blood for greasing

1. Grease cauldron with the rats’ blood.
2. Pour in 5 pints of fresh cowpats.
3. Mix in 50 bags of lizards’ gizzards.
4. Whisk in 6oz of squashed flies.
5. Cut up 9lb of spiders in half.
6. Add horse droppings.
7. Stir in rat poison.

Cooking time: 1 second

Spell last for: Ever

Charlotte Cobb (age 7)

A Spell to turn your Teacher into a Crocodile

· 2 pints of slug slime
· A tablespoon of spider poison
· A whole bag of maggots mixed with wriggling spiders
· 2 teaspoons of birds’ guts
· Exactly 2 dried-up beetles
· 3oz painted-over bats’ droppings
· Rats’ tails for greasing

1. Grease your cauldron with the rats’ tails
2. Pour in slug slime.
3. Whisk in the bag of maggots and spiders carefully.
4. Cut up the beetles and plop them in, then stir.
5. Add the birds’ guts and stir.
6. Mix in the spider poison.
7. Stir in the painted-over bat droppings

Cooking time: 1 hour

Spell lasts for: 25 minutes

Millie Mitchell (age 7)

The Forgetful Witch

KABOOM Kurfuffle!
Strawberries and truffle,
A pound of hair,
Added bones from a dragon’s lair,
A tin of frog’s warts
And fish scales of all sorts,
A jar with an eyelash … er …
Oh yes, mixed in with colours that clash.
Don’t forget the picked tadpole tails
And the roasted nails!
The ink from a pen
And a glass of sweat from the builder’s men,
And don’t forget the magic words….
What are they again?

Jessica Hambly (age 11)

A Day at Hogwarts

One day of magic would be great for me,
With a potion smoking like a misty sea,
With Snape glaring into my eyes,
And Dumbledore the wizard, so smart and so wise.

In the Great Hall a big feast lies ahead,
But if I do something wrong, I’m sure to be dead,
With one flick of my wand, then hop on my broom,
Then I’m able to enter the great Hogwarts room

Olivia Hanrahan-Barnes (age 10)

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