Headington Poetry Competition 2001
The Winners


First Prize, children
Autumn colours in Headington
Alice Robertson (age 10)

In the autumn in Headington all the leaves fall,
They turn orange and red,
We all pick dazzling conkers.
People run around the streets.
The traffic lights show their autumn colours,
Red, orange, and green.

Second Prize, children
The Rap of Headington
Rebecca Keenan (age 10)

Headington is so cool, there’s Rye and Headington School,
There’s a shark through the roof, that’s so cool
Don’t you think
Don’t Headington rule.

Third Prize, children
Olivia Knops (age 11)

Eighteen, goodbye Rye,
How sorrowful it will be,
There will be no more climbing in the trees,
No more yelling from the Maths mistress,
No more reading in English.
Seven years only till that time,
But I shall enjoy them till that day.

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