The Queen’s Golden Jubilee
in Headington, June 2002
Pictures of four events

Franklin Road party

Franklin Road
held what was probably the first jubilee party in Headington on Sunday 2 June, and was rewarded with the best weather

St Andrew’s Road
hosted what was certainly the biggest party in Headington on the next day, Monday 3 June …
St Andrew's Road
St Andrew's Road … The tables stretched from the White Hart to Osler Road, accommodating over 300 people at one sitting  …
… Local author Brian Aldiss presented the prizes with panache and a fine hat … Brian Aldiss
Morris dancers … and as a finale, the Headington Quarry Morris Men danced outside the White Hart
Headington Quarry celebrated in a different way with a jubilee walk on Tuesday 4 June, including a visit to the well-hidden Magdalen pit just to the west of Gladstone Road Quarry
Sandfield Road Sandfield Road
held its street party on Tuesday 4 June, with the only gold balloons in Headington

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